Friday, March 18, 2011

What do YOU expect? Assignment

Now that I've told you my expectations of a good student, what are your expectations of a good teacher?

I expects a nice teacher dat will help me learn how to use words wight. A teacher that care and help me when i need help.

Tell me about the best teacher you've ever had. What made that person such a good teacher?

She was awesome she did activites and made me laugh all da time wif jokes.

Now that I've tod you some of my ideas about how we will go about learning this year's material, tell me about how you learn best. Give me an example of a project or unit where you learned a lot. Describe the project in detail.

I learns best.. hands on and by seeing what I'm suppose to do!   I learn best wif visual examples.. not wordss. Like.. if yew wanted me to paint a pic that decribes me.. I would needs a photo that maybe best descibes yew. to go off of.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 Things